About Us

We are entrepreneurs that use collaboration so that every person on our team is hands-on with each client’s project with the utmost integrity.


The best known brands are built on
great stories.

The brands we market may vary but our focus does not. Before your brand can be known by your consumers, your brand must be known by your team. Our team measures, tracks and reports with entrepreneurial spirit. We tell your brand’s best story so your team can do its best work. Our approach is to create a relevant marketing strategy that creates and shapes brands for clients that are dynamic, memorable and known with top-of-mind awareness.


Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships.

We recognize the importance of connecting with consumers in target markets. As the volume of competition grows in various industries, so should your desire for a unique identity and strong brand. Effective branding is at the heart of companies that thrive.

At Traveling Storytellers, we build deliberate and skillful brands that stand out against the competition. Together, we’ll help equip your brand with the impact and influence it needs to inspire consumers to engage.


Without a great story, your brand just another commodity.

Brand equity—everybody wants it, few brands truly attain it. We realize that every business is unique and that the competition and industry is always changing.

We harness all of our skills along with market research and creativity to create purposeful brand value for our clients. Your story is valuable and it will deliver results.

Storytelling /stawr-ee-tel-ing, stohr-/ noun:

1. the telling or writing of stories.

What we do

We believe branding is a labor of love. Our team of brilliant strategists, visionary designers and pixel-perfect developers assist you every step of the way. We create marketing strategies sprinkled with innovation. From your biggest idea to even the smallest of details, we ensure that all aspects of your hand-crafted story come together to complete your unique brand.

How we do it

We take a holistic approach to empower our clients. As a full-service marketing agency we can uncover your voice, jump-start your growth and drive competitive advantage. Our job is to create substantial brand loyalty so that wherever the brand goes, it wins the hearts of your consumers.


Tom Dillard

Business Development & Account Manager

Jackie Antunes

Art Director

Audrey Gore

Account Manager

Kinsley Benson


Justin Nix

Graphic Designer

Anna Walker

We love what we do and are ready to work with you on your next project